Develop Leaders that Empower, Inspire, and Outperform
At Leadership for the Future, we guide our clients to become exceptional leaders, no matter their role or title.
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Drive organizational success amid constant change
Address leadership challenges at every level of your organization
Stressed/burnt out?
  • Identify and manage your primary stressors
  • Become less reactive and more intentional
  • Improve planning and organization
  • Communicate better
  • Get the support you need
Overwhelmed and feeling unprepared to lead?
  • Build confidence by developing essential leadership skills including:
  • better decision making
  • improved communication
  • enhanced problem solving
  • Adopt a coaching mindset
  • Work to your strengths
Unaware of your impact?
  • Develop a new level of self-awareness
  • Engage in difficult conversations that improve relationships, build trust, and improve performance
Results below expectations?
  • Align around shared purpose and goals
  • Create psychological safety and commitment
  • Determine if the right people are in the right roles
  • Establish role clarity
  • Hold each other accountable in a supportive way
  • Exceed expectations
Lack of collaboration?
  • Understand each other's natural work-styles, strengths and blindspots
  • Focus on strengths
  • Communicate effectively to engage and motivate
  • Utilize the right collaboration tools, methods and locations
  • Increase productivity
Unhealthy conflict?
  • Transform unhealthy conflict to necessary, productive conflict
  • Listen to understand and stay judgement-free
  • Comfortably engage in crucial conversations in high stake situations
High turnover?
  • Determine root cause(s)
  • Create an inclusive, coaching culture that values and develops all employees
  • Put the right people in the right roles
  • Attract and retain great talent
Quiet quitting?
  • Identify and understand the underlying reasons
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Increase motivation
Chaotic work environment?
  • Breakdown silos
  • Create clear roles and responsibilities that align with goals
  • Communicate effectively and align messages
We measure our success by your success.
At Leadership for the Future we understand that every person and organization is different. We partner with you at every stage of the process to provide solutions that work for you.
As your talent development partner, we listen intently to understand your challenges and align on the best approach for you to reach your goals. We help you identify your success metrics and then track them throughout the project.

Our Data-Driven Process

The core challenge

The best measures to gauge impact and ROI

The right program to drive your desired outcome

Results with measurable impact
Discover your leadership DNA
What gives productive, high achieving organizations a competitive edge?
Employees that lead with self awareness.
Learn how you are wired to work, communicate and make decisions.
Why we're different
We understand what drives business and what drives people
We've walked in your shoes
Decades of combined experience starting and leading businesses.
Expertise in behavioral science and evidence-based behavior change
Meet our team
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Co-founder, Coach
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Co-founder, Coach
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Janice Hassenfeld
Co-founder, Coach
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Leadership Coaching
Our individual coaching program is designed to provide personalized coaching and support to help you reach your full potential and achieve your goals.

Team Coaching
Our team coaching builds strong and effective teams that work well together by helping you manage the complex dynamics and patterns unique to teams.

We offer a variety of assessments for individuals, teams, and organizations to inform and enhance your custom talent development solutions.

Our workshops are built and facilitated to ensure meaningful learning with lasting impact. Workshops are custom designed to meet your needs and range from 90 minute remote workshops to in person retreats.

Custom Training Programs
We offer several learning modalities and services to support your professional development goals. These include curriculum design, self-directed learning, subject matter expert identification, and instructional design.

Predictive Index Talent Optimization Software
Use data to align your business strategy with your people strategy for exceptional results.
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